IT Solutions


GBTI delivers customized solutions designed to meet each client’s specific needs and requirements. We work to truly understand our clients so that we can effectively solve their technical and business challenges while providing added value through a comprehensive solution approach.

We implement our solutions through three core practices centered upon IT Security, IT Support, and Web Applications:

  • Business-Enabling Security for Tomorrow (BESTSM)
  • Holistic Optimization of Service and Technology (HOSTSM)
  • Web Application Value Engineering (WAVESM)

Through each of our practices, we collaborate closely with clients to develop and refine solutions in order to maximize quality and value within existing technical and budgetary parameters. This collaboration is maintained throughout each project so that we can fully address evolving needs and goals and deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

GBTI offers innovative and adaptive solutions by employing proven and proprietary methodologies, industry best practices, and experienced technical professionals to deliver superior results to our clients. GBTI also integrates a variety of international and federal standards, organizational guidelines, and cutting-edge technologies into each solution approach. We regularly survey the market and research technological developments so that our implemented solutions not only meet the client’s immediate needs, but are also flexible and adaptable to accommodate technological changes and growth in the future.

Practice Integration

While each of our three practices utilizes its own methodologies and best practices to deliver solutions, they are not organizational silos. At GBTI, we leverage expertise from all across the company to deliver the technical solutions that best meet the specific operational and business needs of our clients.