Mission Statement


GBTI’s mission is to deliver high-quality and responsive IT solutions to all of our clients, to care about the well-being of its clients and its people, and to create a working environment that fosters growth and enjoyment.

To achieve this mission, GBTI has adopted the following core values:

  • Quality – Everything we do must meet high and measurable quality standards.
  • Responsiveness – We must listen to our clients and respond quickly to their specific and changing needs. We must respond to problems very quickly and provide timely solutions.
  • Care – We must care about our clients. We must care about our people. We must care about each other. We must care about the company that carries our people's dreams.
  • Growth – We must help our clients, our people and our company to continually grow in value and capability.
  • Fun – We must create a working environment such that clients have fun to work with us and our people have fun to work with each other.

As any company, GBTI often faces challenging situations and must make critical decisions. This set of core values are our guiding principles in making tough choices. This set of core values are also the foundation for our business strategy, our recruitment process, our solution methods, our management approaches, and our relationships with our clients and with our people.