Corporate History


Global Business Technology Integration (GBTI) Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2005 to overcome pitfalls often associated with common consulting practices, as well as to mitigate the productivity or financial loss that they caused clients. Propelled by a dedication to innovation and excellence in service, our Executive Team established GBTI with a focus on problem-solving and shifting the performance paradigm in consulting services.

GBTI’s Founder and Managing Director occupied senior positions for KPMG, Cap Gemini, and American Management Systems (AMS). From his experience managing projects at these companies, he realized that within every group there was the possibility of shining stars who would propel the contract to success. From that realization, GBTI’s founding philosophy was formed:

“The success of any project is pivoted on a few good people serving as the nucleus of the team”.

This founding philosophy is the cornerstone to GBTI’s business approach in assembling a team of the most talented individuals who possess the ability to lead projects to success. We know that the true value of our business rests in our employees. Projects can fail if the people who execute them lack the skills, ethics, and dedication necessary to ensure success. By identifying the strongest individuals, we can avoid those common consulting pitfalls and truly shift the performance paradigm. GBTI has weaved this philosophy into the very fabric of the company’s business. This same philosophy has been very successful in attracting and retaining top talent and delivering superior IT solutions around the world.