Web Application Practice


GBTI understands that as the internet continues to play an increasing role in everyday life, clients will have to rely more and more on websites and web-based applications to perform business operations. Users continuously turn to the web to exchange information, conduct business, and communicate with one another. Given the prominence of the internet in daily activities, the value of client websites and applications will not be fully realized if they are not being embraced by the end users who access them. 

Our Web Application Value Engineering (WAVESM) methodology focuses on addressing a set of key interrelated factors that are often overlooked in the web design and development process, but all of which ultimately impact the end user’s experience. By focusing on these factors, GBTI engineers added value into a client’s website or application by improving its usability and functionality to more effectively reach its intended user base. Regardless of the size or scope of the website or web application, GBTI’s WAVESM methodology maximizes the value of client websites and web applications while facilitating daily business operations.

Examples of GBTI’s Web Application Practice Service Offerings:

  • Website and Web Application Design, Development, and Testing
  • Website and Web Application Hosting, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Website and Web Application Enhancement
  • Website and Web Application User Support
  • Usability Studies, Testing, and Design
  • Database Development, Management, Administration, and Optimization
  • Code and Data Analysis, Migration, and Conversion
  • Web Architecture Development
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Web Portal Development and Maintenance
  • Web Form Development and Maintenance
  • Section 508 Development and Compliance
  • Content Management System (CMS) Implementation and Maintenance
  • Mobile Access Development and Enablement
  • System Administration
  • Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) Product Integration
  • Website and Web Application Authorization and Accreditation (A&A)/Authority to Operate (ATO) Support
  • Web Application System Hardening
  • System Documentation Creation and Management