Commercial and Non-Profit Clients


Since our founding, GBTI has been providing high-quality IT services to numerous commercial and non-profit entities around the world. Both commercial and non-profit clients rely heavily on technology to achieve their objectives and missions. Whether the goal is increasing revenue or delivering services to those in need, effective use of technology can help clients achieve their goals and meet the demands of shareholders, customers, and donors. Ineffective use of technology can have the opposite effect, and can jeopardize the client’s business and operations as they are left behind by better-equipped competitors.

GBTI works with each client to understand its business, culture, and objectives so that we can design customized solutions which more effectively leverage technology so that the client can better conduct operations and deliver its products or services. We have substantial market expertise in providing solutions within a number of industries, including Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, and Telecommunications, and are continuously expanding that expertise to support entities of all types and sizes. GBTI combines our understanding of client business needs with world-class technical expertise to provide tailored IT solutions that help the client achieve its objectives, stay competitive, and realize growth in its bottom line.

Listed below is a representative sample of commercial and non-profit clients for whom we have provided support:

  • American Red Cross
  • WellPoint
  • HSBC
  • Wachovia (Wells Fargo)
  • Citigroup
  • Sprint
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • OnStar (General Motors)
  • National Electronics Warranty
  • Mobinil (Egypt)
  • Isbank